Wands Epic Return with MMAstahkiller | NS4

This episode of Ninjashoes Radio, Daniel is joined by Chris who you might know better as MMAstahkiller from the ninjashoes forum.

They start out by talking a little MMA News. Some of the stories include the ten year anniversary of Matt Serra beating GSP as well as the possibilities of Mayweather and Conor McGregor going at it in the boxing ring.

Jon Jones gets discussed quite a bit in regards to how a fighter could possibly beat him.

The guys then begin to reminisce about their favorite MMA memories which launches them into a discussion about what made Pride FC so special. The conversation then moves on to Pro Wrestling as topics such as Bret and Owen Hart, Rick Rude and Miss Elizabeth are discussed. A long talk about CM Punk also takes place.

Then we get to know Chris a little bit more as he talks about growing up in the Boston area and what types of food one should try upon visiting. Daniel asks Chris about his training which leads into a very hilarious story about Chris meeting Wanderlei Silva and actually being able to train with him.

An American Patriot, Whooped does Iraq | NS3

In this exciting Ninjashoes exclusive. The notorious Iwhoopedbatmansass from the forum joins Daniel in a crazy wild adventure into his deployment into Iraq.

He tells us about what was going through his head as he flew into the Desert to fight for his country. We get one of the most hilarious military stories ever as he talks about his friends rather “fun” time coming down.

He then gets into the more serious matters as he talks about his role in infiltrating Iraq and storming the country with Military Might.

We discuss things like Ronda Rousey, Tabletop Games, Pro Wrestling memories, favourite fighters, Lance, Kmall and much much more!

Lesnar’s fine, Racism in Wrasslin, Dert McDert | NS2

Daniel starts off tackling many recent happenings in the MMA/Pro Wrestling world. The Lesnar story is the main topic as Daniel gives his entire thoughts on how he believes that Lesnar should not be stripped of the win.

He then gets into other topic such as racism in Pro Wrestling. Daniel says that there are many logical arguments on both sides of the issue.

We are then joined by Dert McDert aka Dustin who opens up on his thoughts about Roman Reigns, Delete or Decay, Kevin Nash, why he preferred WWF during the Attitude Era and so much more.

The conversation then shifts to MMA as Dustin utters the word Guida.

We then get a hilarious stripper story from Dustin before Daniel closes the show with more of his opinions about stuff.

HBK, Nick Diaz, David Xhale | NS1

This is the first ever episode Daniel starts out by talking about his vision for the show. He then begins talking about Pro Wrestling and MMA, what makes the fans different and why he wants to appeal to those who are fans of both.

He then starts talking about his thoughts on many things going on in the industry.

Suddenly the phone rings and it is none other than 2006 Ninjabro David Xhale who is ready to rock. They talk about the history of Ninjashoes as well as some old school pro wrestling as in pre attitude era in the early 90’s. Xhale talks about how HBK was his favorite wrestler and how he hated WCW. The conversation then shifts to the MMA world and both guys agree Nick Diaz is probably the most consistent guy that has good fights. They take a short break then talk about many off topic things such as reality, time travel, the right kind of charity and Donald Trump. David shares that he is has actually met his goal and become a lawyer.

Daniel closes things out by talking in depth about CM Punk’s MMA career and gives his thoughts on the brand split so far as in Raw vs. Smackdown talk.