About Us

Ninjashoes Mixed Martial Arts Community was started in 2006 by a guy named Ninjashoes who one day was banned from another well known MMA community. He decided to name his new “revenge forum” after his banned name.

This began an amazing story of a community that came together during the great days of Pride FC and such legends as Wanderlei Silva and Sakuraba. Ninjashoes was a place that was different, where everyone could truly cut loose without fear of judgment.

Now over a decade later Ninjashoes takes on a whole new life as it expands into a free Mixed Martial Arts podcast as well as remaining the most cut throat MMA community in existence.

The host of Ninjashoes Radio is none other than Ninjashoes himself known in real life as Daniel, who is also known as the host of another hit podcast called End of Days Radio.