Wands Epic Return with MMAstahkiller | NS4

This episode of Ninjashoes Radio, Daniel is joined by Chris who you might know better as MMAstahkiller from the ninjashoes forum.

They start out by talking a little MMA News. Some of the stories include the ten year anniversary of Matt Serra beating GSP as well as the possibilities of Mayweather and Conor McGregor going at it in the boxing ring.

Jon Jones gets discussed quite a bit in regards to how a fighter could possibly beat him.

The guys then begin to reminisce about their favorite MMA memories which launches them into a discussion about what made Pride FC so special. The conversation then moves on to Pro Wrestling as topics such as Bret and Owen Hart, Rick Rude and Miss Elizabeth are discussed. A long talk about CM Punk also takes place.

Then we get to know Chris a little bit more as he talks about growing up in the Boston area and what types of food one should try upon visiting. Daniel asks Chris about his training which leads into a very hilarious story about Chris meeting Wanderlei Silva and actually being able to train with him.

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