Lesnar’s fine, Racism in Wrasslin, Dert McDert | NS2

Daniel starts off tackling many recent happenings in the MMA/Pro Wrestling world. The Lesnar story is the main topic as Daniel gives his entire thoughts on how he believes that Lesnar should not be stripped of the win.

He then gets into other topic such as racism in Pro Wrestling. Daniel says that there are many logical arguments on both sides of the issue.

We are then joined by Dert McDert aka Dustin who opens up on his thoughts about Roman Reigns, Delete or Decay, Kevin Nash, why he preferred WWF during the Attitude Era and so much more.

The conversation then shifts to MMA as Dustin utters the word Guida.

We then get a hilarious stripper story from Dustin before Daniel closes the show with more of his opinions about stuff.

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