HBK, Nick Diaz, David Xhale | NS1

This is the first ever episode Daniel starts out by talking about his vision for the show. He then begins talking about Pro Wrestling and MMA, what makes the fans different and why he wants to appeal to those who are fans of both.

He then starts talking about his thoughts on many things going on in the industry.

Suddenly the phone rings and it is none other than 2006 Ninjabro David Xhale who is ready to rock. They talk about the history of Ninjashoes as well as some old school pro wrestling as in pre attitude era in the early 90’s. Xhale talks about how HBK was his favorite wrestler and how he hated WCW. The conversation then shifts to the MMA world and both guys agree Nick Diaz is probably the most consistent guy that has good fights. They take a short break then talk about many off topic things such as reality, time travel, the right kind of charity and Donald Trump. David shares that he is has actually met his goal and become a lawyer.

Daniel closes things out by talking in depth about CM Punk’s MMA career and gives his thoughts on the brand split so far as in Raw vs. Smackdown talk.

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