Ninjashoes Mixed Martial Arts

Ninjashoes MMA forum was an original concept created by an ex Sherdog poster named Ninjashoes who was banned and decided to create his own community where people could discuss any topic freely without getting censored.

The original idea for this forum sprung up back in 2005 and went through several free incarnations until Ninjashoes purchased an actual domain name in May 2006, thats when the madness truly began.

End of Days Radio

End of Days Radio is an offshoot of Ninjashoes MMA Forum but also its own completely separate project. This joint collaboration was started by Ninjashoes himself and a rather infamous poster of the forum named Resin(tm) who actually designed all the art for

Ninja and Resin decided to start a podcast based on their favorite radio show Coast to Coast AM and because of their interest in paranormal topics. We also cover things like Mixed Martial Arts of course, Pro Wrestling and Psychedelics.

If you are interested in joining us as a guest or would like to leave feedback please contact us at:




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