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Thread: Anderson Silva Almost Shot Rafael Cordeiro With A Shotgun

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    Anderson Silva Almost Shot Rafael Cordeiro With A Shotgun

    Anderson Silva launched his biography (co-written with Eduardo Ohata) in Rio de Janeiro this week.

    Here is one interesting story from the book about when he came close to killing his trainer Rafael Cordeiro. Translated & Reported by Fighters Only.

    Anderson had been teaching Jiu Jitsu classes & Cordeiro wanted him to stop and they had a heated argument where Anderson was slapped in the face.

    After the argument Anderson returned with two men & held a shotgun while he waited for his coach to return. Apparently the two men lost their nerve and talked Anderson out of it.

    Anderson & Cordeiro are friends now however Codeiro did not know about this until the release of the book as well as Andersons son who also learned of the incident through the internet. The news has seemingly had some backlash in the past week as Cordeiro has just found out about the situation.

    “I didn’t tell him. I think he will have to read the book. I ended up visiting some website because my son said: ‘Dad, did you see what is on the internet? They are saying that you tried to kill Rafael!’ I said, ‘Calm, let me see what is it about and then I will call you back!’” he related.

    “But I speak the truth in the book. That was a phase in my life in which I had nothing but the gift God gave me to give classes and I almost did a foolishness.”

    In Andersons summary of the book he stated “The biography says the truth of everything that happened since my childhood until this moment. It documents day-to-day frustrations, what is good, what is bad, and how is bad to stay away from the family. The book tells my life.”

    That mad? I would have thought Anderson could maybe just head kicked him or something?
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    He was mad to tears. Got his manhood fingered.

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    These kinds of things happen in MMA.

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    So...he has a deadly weapon,yet fails to pull the trigger.

    Letis/maia anyone ?
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    Anderson via ko round 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntor View Post
    So...he has a deadly weapon,yet fails to pull the trigger.

    Letis/maia anyone ?


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