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Thread: Need a favor by someone good with Photoshop

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    Need a favor by someone good with Photoshop

    I have four photos of myself and three of my friends. I want our faces to replace the president faces on a photo of Mount Rushmore. If someone is willing to do this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

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    How long would something like this take? I was under the assumption it would take someone skilled with photoshop about 15 minutes. Would it be a much longer process?

    I have no problem paying for the service.

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    depends how high quality a finish youre looking for

    source pics would be a good place to start

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    Captain Tom hanks had some good photoshopping skils but i have not seen him post in awile, then again I have not been posting much so maybe he has. Glad I could help. LOL!!!
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