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Thread: Check out my new whip RHD 96 Legacy Postal Wagon

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    Check out my new whip RHD 96 Legacy Postal Wagon

    On cut springs for now... Not my idea LOL All stock minus the rims and a stereo purrs along with 234,000 miles on it. Also came with random drift stickers and all of the bumps and scratches that come with that and a smashed windshield. So far I have fixed the exhaust, got a new windshield, took giant non functioning ricer oil pressure gauge off the dash, and out in a stereo.

    So for now save up some money get some not cut lowering springs some 2.5 inch exhaust and maybe an intake. Then save and go big with 03 WRX wagon suspension and an engine swap of some sort.

    For having 234000 miles on it and cut springs she goes like a champ!



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    Nice! I have an 03 WRX Sedan. This is my second WRX. I also had an 02 WRX. Subaru makes great cars that are fun to drive and are reliable as hell.

    There is a lot of wiring involved when doing an EJ20 swap. I used to be sponsored by a company that used to specialize in EJ20 swaps on Legacy's, Outback's, Foresters, GC Impreza's, etc. I watched as one of the guys had about a mile of wire which was cut out of the wiring looms to attach to the existing chassis. It is not easy. But it is well worth the work if you get it to work right. Not sure what your smog laws are in New Mexico, but in California its even harder now to do the swap.

    If you have any Subaru questions, please let me know. I have done all the work on both of mine and can find information for you if you need it.
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