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Thread: Ducati unveils 2012 1199 Panigale

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    Always been partial to Ducati since the triple 9. Loved them to bits but my dad was always a Honda bloke so he's partial to the Fireblade... The Ducati was more fun but the Honda was easy to ride. I like both brands... crazy Italians and the less insane Japanese.
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    Personally having ridden all accept three of the top litre bikes from each manufacturer, i believe the ducati to be the best motorcycles on the market. i own the s4r and it is without a doubt, a phenom of naked bike. i will say this tho, ive always thought the triple 9 was ducatis weakest model, but it still better than the majority of the bike from those years. the 1199 will probably be the boss of motorcycles, but in my country fpr the model i want, it is priced out of the market. same goes for the mv agusta. those are the two most savage superbikes on the market today, and both are priced for strictly the rich.

    the ktm i can build myself, and for a few thousand less i can have every bit of performance the ducati has. BUT WITH THAT SAID...

    it still wont be the almighty Ducati.


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