What do you think is the best audio player for Linux?

I have tried quite a few of them by now. I have tried so far Amarok, Songbird, VLC Player, Rythmbox, Totem and Audacious and probably a couple other ones I don't remember.

The best sounding has been Audacious by far in fact it sounds better than anything I had going on Windows,

I like the organization an simplicity that Songbird provides but the sound quality is probably the worst of all.

I gotta go with Audacious as the best overall player mostly because of the great sound quality.

Suprisingly VLC player had the second most audio tweaking options and actually was the second best sounding player overall.

I really wish there was a happy medium between usability and sound quality like Winamp for Windows. Maybe it will be Songbird if they improve the audio quality or make a plugin that enables more audio options.