By Mark Vester

Former heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison first stated on in the beginning of the year that he was geared to come out of retirement and once again fight towards becoming a heavyweight champion.

Morrison last fought in 1996, ten years ago. He retired not long after being diagnosed with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Morrison was present at a recent press conference to announce his special appearance at a Fingerspoon Promotions card called “REDEMPTION” at the National Guard Armory in NE Philadelphia on October 14th, and also laid down his plans for a return to the sport of boxing.

Morrison has been claiming since 2005 that he was given a false postive and never actually had HIV. After being retested numerous times over the years, Morrison has always tested negative for the virus.

“I was given a death sentence, but they were wrong. I had a FALSE positive, and now I am back to claim what’s mine. I have a 2 year plan, and I will take all the belts. They wanted me to just go away, but I’m here, I’m healthier than I have ever been, and ready to beat anybody," Morrison said.

When Morrison was diagnosed with HIV, he was on the verge of landing a multi-million dollar payday against Mike Tyson, a fight he still wants to this day. Other than winning a heavyweight title, his other goal is lure Tyson in the ring.

“Yes, I would love to fight him, but I think he may be afraid, I don’t know.”