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Thread: Hulk Hogan vs. Mike Tyson?, Sable/Howard Stern, Lesnar, More

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    Hulk Hogan vs. Mike Tyson?, Sable/Howard Stern, Lesnar, More

    UFC was taping segments for the Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture Heavyweight title fight countdown special today. This is expected to be an extended-length show, perhaps around two hours.

    Hogan was on Bubba the Love Sponge yesterday. The usual wackiness. The best part was when he said that Vince tried to set up a Hogan vs. Mike Tyson match when they were in their prime and that by turning it down Tyson threw away the first "hundred million dollar payday". (Thanks to

    On Howard Stern's On Demand channel, Howard TV, the episode from years ago with Sable is playing in the Girls Girls Girls menu. Also, in their 2008 Halloween special, the Iron Sheik plays a 911 operator; a porn star keeps calling 911 because of an axe murderer in her house, and the receptionists are all their people with speech impediments. When she gets the Iron Sheik she says the guy is really big like Brian Blair and Sheiky flips out and starts ranting. (Thanks to Steve)

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    Oh man I gotta watch that Alfred Inchcock presents halloween special.
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