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Thread: French Computer Calculates George Bush Should Go To Jail For 2 Million Years

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    French Computer Calculates George Bush Should Go To Jail For 2 Million Years

    A computer that analyses and compares data to come up with logical and mathematical solutions, has determined that, based on recent custodial sentences handed down to terrorists responsible for terrorism on both sides of the Atlantic, US President George W. Bush should probably go to jail for nearly two million years!

    The French computer, known as SEDAM (Systeme et Data Analytique Mathematical), used information fed to it about the perpetrators of the World Trade Center atrocity and London bombings - their motives, actions, subsequent defences and eventual punishments - and calculated what would happen to the American President if the same rules of Law were applied.

    Manfo Asiedu, a would-be London 21/7 bomber, who lost his nerve and dumped his bomb in a park, received a 33-year prison sentence for his troubles, despite the fact that he killed nobody. Mr Bush, on the other hand, is currently responsible for the deaths of more than 60,000 Iraqis, several Afghans, a few token Brits and over 2,000 US troops who have perished needlessly in his "War On Terror", but faces no charges whatsoever.

    SEDAM has calculated that, all things being equal, which they are not, Mr Bush should serve 1.89million years in prison.

    French legal expert Alain Guerre said of the findings:

    "Terrorism is terrorism. Terrorists are terrorists, no matter where they hail from. Monsieur Bush should accept the computer's decision and hand himself over to the authorities."

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    Wouldn't he end up getting 2 days with probation?
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