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Thread: Complete WWE RAW Report - Beer Baths for Everyone

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    Complete WWE RAW Report - Beer Baths for Everyone

    Stay tuned to WNZ for videos and photos from RAW!

    - From the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

    - A graphic is shown saying “In Memory of The Fabulous Moolah, Lillian Ellison”

    - Raw’s opening video airs and J.R. and The King welcome is to the show.

    - DX’s music hits! Fans go nuts. Shawn Michaels and Triple H make their way to the ring, clad in the DX gear. Triple H milks the crowd, followed by the “Are you ready?!”, Trips starts to continue but Hornswoggle interrupts and jumps in the ring, gives a few crotch chops and chases HBK around the ring. H tells Hornswoggle to get back under the ring, he refuses, he wants to be in DX! Trips tells HBK to get the run sheet for tonight, HBK gets the sheet from out of his boot, he says he always carries one in case he forgets whats he’s doing, Trips says “Yeh, incase you forget your lines!”. H points out to Hornswoggle that segment one is DX promo…no Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle then puts HBK in a short-arm scissors! HBK says ok, he can join the segment with them! Horns then says there is a monster under the ring, HBK goes to check it out, he gets pulled under the ring, when he comes back out he has worms in his mouth, the Boogeyman’s music then hits and he comes out from under the ring, he also wants to be in DX! Trips says ok, they try to finish the segment with Horns and Boogeyman doing the “Let’s get ready to suck it” but The Great Khali then comes out! They just say yes to him straight away! Coachman then interrupts to try and put an end to this crap but Trips tells Khali’s translator that Coach said something about him, Khali gives Coach the overhead chop and chases him away! Back in the ring Hornswoggle and Boogeyman have gone to just leave HHH and HBK, HBK asks what was that all about? He asks who writes all this? He follows that up with “This is almost as bad as that Katie Vick stuff a few years back!” HHH says he’s not sure who writes this, because they are all on strike! We finally get the “Let’s get ready to suck it!” to finish off the segment.

    - Later tonight; D-Generation X vs. Randy Orton & Umaga and Stone Cold Returns!

    - Tom Green and Luke Perry are shown at ringside.

    - We are shown the footage from the Diva’s Halloween Battle Royal from last week.

    (1) Non-Title – Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly
    SQUASH! Beth hits a clothesline and a Fisherman’s Suplex for the win

    - Backstage Santino Marella tells us that Austin will not show up tonight. He says if he was going to confront Santino, he would of done it already.

    - Later tonight; Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy & Finlay

    Carlito is scheduled to face the local, but introduces Snitsky as his replacement.

    (2) Snitsky vs. Joey

    Another squash. After the match Carlito raises Snitsky’s hand but Snisky gives Carlito the big boot and pumphandle slam.

    - Smart video of Jeff Hardy’s career is shown to Lostprophets Rooftop song.

    (3) Mr. Kennedy & Finlay vs. Rey Mysterio & Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy
    Kennedy and Finlay tease falling out with each other. Kennedy and Finlay keep Mysterio isolated, he finally gets the edge on Finlay and makes the tag to Jeff. Hardy hits whisper in the wind on Kennedy, Finlay throws Hardy from the ring. Mysterio dropkick Finlay and Kennedy onto the ropes for a 619, Finlay moves but Kennedy gets it. Mysterio hits the seated senton on Finlay followed by hardy hitting the Swanton on Kennedy for the win! Good match.

    - Backstage Maria tells Santino she’s heard a rumor that Stone Cold IS here. Santino dismisses it, he says he is going to the ring now to have his moment.

    - Santino comes to the ring with Maria. Marella says Austin will not be here. Santino introduces the director of The Condemned who is sitting at ringside. He says the people watching the movie wanted to blow their brains out. He says their will be no can of ass whip opened and J.R. will not reach the point of orgasm! Glass Breaks…here’s Stone Cold! Austin introduces himself to Santino, he corrects Santino on a few things, it’s not ass whip, it’s whop ass. It’s not a mud pie, it’s a mud hole. And it’s not the bottom lines, it’s the bottom line. They talk about The Condemned, he asks Santino a few of his opinions. Austin thinks Santino didn’t really watch the movie so he gives him a copy as a gift. Santino drops the DVD and wipes his foot on it. Austin gives Santino the stunner and shoves the DVD in his mouth. Austin says he will be back in a minute, he comes back in a Budweiser truck!! He gets the hose out and puts it in the ring, it starts to go off and soaked some of the front row fans! Austin covered Santino in beer, Santino tries to stand up but keeps falling over, the mat is soaked! Santino looks like a drowned rat, the crowd love it. Austin goes to leave but notices Maria in the ring, he comes back in and soaks Maria! She tries to hold on to her top to stop it coming off with the power! Austin points the hose up in the air…beer is everywhere! Austin climbs on top of the crowd and drinks some beers!

    - A new Save_Us video airs. It says “The Code is The Answer”

    - Backstage Mr. McMahon tells Hornswoggle he will face The Great Khali at Survivor Series!

    - Triple H is on the tron, he says he got asked to fill this time because Stone Cold soacked the ring and they have to change the mat! H asks HBK if he has the dancers, HBK brings in Big Dick Johnson. Triple H says he is not what he meant! H then brings on the Girl’s Next Door to dance with him, HBK covers his eyes and goes out of shot!

    - Mickie James wishes Murdoch good luck in his match, Cade tells Murdoch to focus.

    (4) Cody Rhodes w/ Hardcore Holly vs. Trevor Murdoch w/Lance Cade
    Cody rolls up Murdoch for the win.

    - Jim Ross talks about the passing of The Fabulous Moolah this past Friday. A very respectful video tribute is shown. Rest in Peace Moolah.

    (5) "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs. World's Greatest Tag Team
    Duggan and Crazy's chants are a little too much tonight! Crazy gets the win with a roll up

    (6) Umaga & WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. D-Generation X
    The end begins when Triple H goes for the Pedigree on Orton but Umaga saves him by striking HHH with the Samoan Spike. Orton gets a 2-count. Umaga is tagged in and hits his running turnbuckle move, he goes for a Banzai drop but HHH gets his knees up. Orton tagged back in and goes for a RKO, Trips shoves Orton into Umaga which sends Umaga flying into the crowd barricade. Trips tags HBK in and Michales hits the Sweet Chin Music on Orton AGAIN! HBK then gets the pin and the victory.

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    I Really Liked Raw.. It was Awesome.. It Was one of the Best I'd Seen In A While but I'm Just Saying that Because I'm A Bit of A Homer.. WAR SO CAL!!!
    Say Say Say Say Say...

    MildernhardPark FOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Live from Nicaragua!!

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    Are they really going to try an angle with Trevor Murdoch and Mickie James? I hate couple angles like that. Also, that did not look like beer coming out of the hose.


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