-- Former WWE Diva Joanie "Chyna" Laurer was on Loose Cannons (Steve Hartman, former L.A. Lakers center Mychal Thomson and Vick "The Brick" Jacobs) radio show on KLAC AM 570 in Los Angeles for an entire hour on Tuesday from 2pm to 3pm. During the interview she discussed a variety of topics from how she got the "Chyna" and "Ninth Wonder of The World" names to calling Vince McMahon a "Jerk". Here are the highlights

# - Joanie says she is currently at a happy point in her life and has gotten back into working out after fired eight years ago by WWE.

# - She also discussed the original of her name "Chyna" and said it came from her years of attending schools where the majority of the students were black and she was usually the only Caucasian girl there and because of that they gave her the nickname "China Doll". Laurer also mentioned that it was because of Shawn Michaels that she got the name "Ninth Wonder of the World" tag for her.

# - Laurer spoke very negatively about former boss Vince McMahon calling him a "jerk" and said that he was very abusive to her and the less popular(lower tier) guys who worked for him. On the contrary, she said he was very respectful of guys like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, The Rock, and The Undertaker, in other words the top tier in the business. Aside from being very nice to the top superstars she said he was very cold when it came to deaths of various wrestlers who worked for him.

# - Laurer said that she still goes by the name Chyna and that she will never give it up. She also mentioned her not earning any money from her merchandise.

# - She commented on her Playboy spread and said she loved doing it which by the way is the second biggest selling issue in history. She went on to say she has a lot of respect for Hugh Hefner.

# - Ever since her departure from WWE she has not heard from any of the boys, especially Triple H, who she worked with in the DeGeneration X stable.

# - Joanie went back to comment on Vince McMahon again and said that he hates people such as Stephen Spielberg and Ted Turner because he wishes he could be them.

To listen to the show you can visit their website at www.am570radio.com.