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Thread: Road Warrior Animal Responds To Heidenreich's Explosive Words

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    Road Warrior Animal Responds To Heidenreich's Explosive Words

    Joe Laurinaitis famously known as half of legendary tag team "Legion of Doom" Road Warrior Animal, has posted a response to the explosive words from Jon Heidenreich.

    Here is the beginning of the article:

    "I was asked to do something that I thought I would never do in this business, have another partner, and I did.

    First of all John Heidenreich was given the greatest opportunity in the business as far as tag teams go.

    I, as a professional was willing to give and help with 20 years experience to make John a part of the greatest Tag Team gimmick of all time, with most of those years being 250 days a year average on the road building my gimmick. It was my decision and mine alone, after all I own the L.O.D gimmick.

    I respected John not only as an athlete but as a performer. I did get a loan from John when we were in between paychecks and I paid it all back as soon as the first quarter marketing checks were disbursed, so that ends that ridiculous pointless issue.

    To full posting click here

    Other interesting comments:

    - "Where John is mistaken, everyone knows I am one of the boys, not very close to the office, I might add, feeling much the same as John does. I would never bury a fellow wrestler or tell on a partner, it would never be beneficial business wise or even smart for that fact in the very end it would hurt the team, or gimmick. I am all about the team."

    - "I feel I did a huge favor in welcoming John in the L.O.D. I never held John's personal issues against him as we all have personal problems. I thought as a friend I helped John through a rough time as he was very upset after Catrina almost destroyed his families home. I was there to lend support and understanding, without hesitation, but in this business most people think you need to check those problems at the door and do business, which is not always that easy."

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    That sucks that heidenreich felt the need to talk some shit given everything animal did for him.
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    yea, that team should have never happened in the first place. heidenreich didnt deserve to be on that team.


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