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Thread: TNA Star Kills WWE Rumors, Jackass/WWE On TMZ, More

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    TNA Star Kills WWE Rumors, Jackass/WWE On TMZ, More

    - It was recently reported that TNA star Lance Hoyt had contacted WWE about a job and that he has been in talks with the company. This past weekend, Hoyt commented on those rumors in his MySpace blog:

    I would like to make a comment regarding several messages and comments that I have received recently. And this is in regards to a rumor that is circulating on the internet. The rumor is about my status with TNA and the possibilities of me working with the WWE in the near future. Stating that I have been in contact with WWE and oficials. The Fact is that I am currently under Contract with TNA. And, I have not called the WWE main offcie and Have Not spoken with any WWE officials or represenatives.

    - Thanks to Sasha for sending the following: TMZ posted this article on their website about the Jackass/WWE angle:

    Even the jackasses in "Jackass" are staying away from the WWE. A planned match-up between "Jackass" and WWE wrestlers at the WWE's pay-per-view "Summerslam" event has been knocked out. Following the recent murder-suicide of WWE wrestler Chris Benoit and his family, it seems the "Jackass" crew didn't want to risk getting in the ring with the WWE, or was it just the taint? Bam Margera was first to bow out with an injury. Then "Jackass" ringmaster and alleged-Jessica Simpson dater Johnny Knoxville backed out, too.

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    Even jackass wont touch you! how sad.
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