WWE Hall of Fame 2014 Inductees Thread


jon hess needs to return

Diamond Dallas Page and Rick Rude are the first 2 inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame 2017 class. If Rude was still alive, his speech wouldve been epic.

"What I would like, is for all you fat, disgusting, out of shape WWE Universe sweathogs to sit down and shut up, while I take my robe off and show you what a real man looks like!"

Then he gyrates his hips and kisses a woman from the audience.
that speech sounds totally right and would be hilariously awesome

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Kurt Angle is going into the WWE Hall of Fame

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Adding to a class that already includes Kurt Angle as its headliner, it was revealed on Monday afternoon that The Rock 'n' Roll Express would also be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017.

The announcement that Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson would be joining the Hall of Fame was made by CBS Sports, with WWE also posting an article about it on their website. Morton & Gibson were voted into the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame in 2014.

"It was a surprise," Morton said to CBS Sports. "I had a message on my phone (from WWE) to call the number back. I think they got ahold of Robert at the time. When they called, it was just like a suckerpunch. It just knocked us off our feet."

"It's an honor for Ricky and me to go into the Hall of Fame," Gibson said.

Morton & Gibson remain one of the most popular babyface tag teams of all time, with their rivalry with The Midnight Express in the 80s serving as one of the most fondly remembered periods in tag team wrestling history.

They held the NWA World Tag Team titles four times during their peak, and had a brief run in the WWF in 1998. The duo most recently appeared in TNA Wrestling as part of The Hardys' Tag Team Apocalypto match last year.

The 2017 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony is set to take place on Friday, March 31st at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida as part of WrestleMania weekend in the city.
The Rock n Roll Express are going into the Hall of Fame


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Continuing the WrestleMania season tradition of announcing Hall of Fame inductees before Raw on Mondays, WWE added Teddy Long to the 2017 Hall of Fame class this week.

WWE chose Fox Sports to break the news, with an article also appearing on their own website. Long joins Kurt Angle and The Rock 'n' Roll Express as the already announced members of this year's class.

"Well, I was really surprised, you know? I had thought about being inducted into the Hall of Fame and I thought ‘well, if they’re going to do that, I’m pretty sure my time will come one day.’ And that’s what did happen," Long told Fox Sports. "I was real excited, it’s such an honor to be a part of something like this. To go into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame...man, it’s just great. It don’t get no better than that."

Long is best known to modern fans for his time as an on-screen character in the 2000s, where he served as SmackDown's general manager for several years. He got his start in the 80s as a member of the ring crew for Jim Crockett Promotions before transitioning to a career as a referee and manager on television.
Teddy Long is going into the WWE Hall of Fame. Holla holla holla!!!


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oining Goldberg in this year's class, The Dudley Boyz will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame over WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans.

WWE made the announcement via CBS Sports today. It comes after Bubba Ray & D-Von appeared on Raw's 25th anniversary episode last Monday, where they put Heath Slater through a table.

In their interview with CBS Sports, Bubba Ray spoke about being the first ECW-created act to go into the Hall of Fame: "It probably means more to me than anything else. Yes, going into the WWE Hall of Fame is cool, but being the first original act ever created in ECW is really a big deal. ECW meant so much to us and it meant so much to wrestling fans. To me, it's a great honor to represent a company that revolutionized and changed the wrestling business."

After The Dudleyz' last WWE stint came to an end in the summer of 2016, D-Von began working in a backstage role with WWE and Bubba Ray started his current run with Ring of Honor.

The Dudleyz had been expected to enter the Hall of Fame this year and were included on a list of inductees that freelance journalist Brad Shepard tweeted last month.

The 2018 Hall of Fame ceremony will take place at the Smoothie King Center on Friday, April 6th.

The D-D-D-D-Dudley Boyz are going into the Hall of Fame

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As we get further into WrestleMania season, WWE continues to round out the list for this year's Hall of Fame class.

WWE announced via espnW today that Lisa "Ivory" Moretti would be inducted into the Hall of Fame on April 6th in New Orleans. She's the third act to be announced for the 2018 class, joining Goldberg and The Dudley Boyz.

"[This Hall of Fame recognition] means that it's a full circle in your career, in your wrestling chapter," Ivory told espnW. "It's great bragging rights for your family that have seen you go through the eras and I also feel like it's an awesome tribute to the women in wrestling as a whole."

Ivory started out her career in the 1980s as "Tina Ferrari" with GLOW. She joined WWE during the Attitude Era and departed the company in 2005. She held the Women's Championship three times, with her final reign ending as she dropped the title to Chyna at WrestleMania 17.

Beth Phoenix, Jacqueline Moore, Madusa, Lita, and Trish Stratus have been the women's wrestlers to be inducted into the HOF over the last five years.

"Women who decide to wrestle are a special type of women. We are tomboys, we are women that can hang in a locker room. I am just grateful that there are outlets for that," Ivory said in her espnW interview. "It's not about having a certain body type and looking picture perfect beautiful. It's about having the drive and some kind of wacky attraction you have to the physicality, the test of learning how to wrestle and being [able] to do it believably. It's not easy theater to do. You can watch plenty of wrestling matches where the performers are not buying it. And it makes it boring for you to watch. There is a huge testament to the talent of the people who are engaging the fan or viewer."
Ivory is going into the WWE Hall of Fame


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Despite his time with the company not ending on the best of terms, Jeff Jarrett will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame over WrestleMania weekend.
WWE announced the news via NBC Sports this morning. Goldberg, The Dudley Boyz, Ivory, and Jarrett have now been confirmed for the 2018 Hall of Fame class, with the induction ceremony set to take place in New Orleans on April 6th.
“I would have never dreamed that in 2018 I’d be going into the Hall of Fame,” Jarrett told NBC Sports. “But as I’ve sat back and looked I said, ‘Welp, I guess there are some things that are just meant to be.'"
The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be the first time Jarrett has appeared for WWE since No Mercy 1999, where he dropped the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna in his last match before leaving for WCW. The match happened after Jarrett's contract expired, and the way he handled the situation financially apparently led to Jarrett not being in the company's good graces until recently.
After WWE bought WCW, Vince McMahon infamously fired Jarrett on television. In his interview with NBC Sports, Jarrett called the moment "just good TV."
Jarrett went on to create TNA with his father in 2002, and he was involved with the promotion for most of its history until departing Impact Wrestling last year. He entered WWE-sponsored rehab last October due to issues with alcohol and returned home in December.
Triple H tweeted about Jarrett's induction, "Born into this business, @RealJeffJarrett not only led a decorated career, but created opportunities for new talent around the world. Congratulations, Double J and welcome to the #WWEHOF."
After rumors that Jarrett would be entering the Hall of Fame began to surface, Dave Meltzer confirmed last week that he was on a list of names that had been under consideration.

Jeff Jarrett is going into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Thats J-E-Double F

J-A-Double R, E-Double T

Double J, Jeff Jarrett

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With today's addition of Hillbilly Jim, there are now five acts confirmed for this year's WWE Hall of Fame class.
Through an announcement on Bleacher Report, WWE revealed this morning that Jim will be inducted into the Hall of Fame during WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans. He joins Goldberg, The Dudley Boyz, Ivory, and Jeff Jarrett in this year's Hall of Fame lineup. Jarrius "JJ" Robertson will also receive the 2018 Warrior Award.
"I didn't have that on my mind whatsoever," Jim told Bleacher Report about finding out the news. "For a moment or two, I was knocked back on my heels. Basically, I was speechless. It was a whole lot for me to digest quickly."
Before coming to the WWF in 1984, Jim had a stint in Memphis wrestling as "Harley Davidson." His in-ring career effectively ended in the early 1990s, though he's often been involved with WWE in other capacities since then. He managed The Godwinns later in the decade and was most recently part of WWE's "Legends' House" reality series that aired on the Network in 2014.
Jim's last match was in the gimmick battle royal at WrestleMania X-7 in 2001.
Jim wasn't one of the names included on the early lists for the 2018 Hall of Fame class. The induction ceremony will take place at the Smoothie King Center on Friday, April 6th.

Hillbilly Jim is going into the WWE Hall of Fame. He appeals to middle America. I dont think they will bring back Hulk Hogan to induct him like they should, but maybe AJ Styles can induct him since he's also a hillbilly.
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The celebrity wing of WWE's Hall of Fame officially has a new member.
In an announcement that was made via Billboard today, WWE confirmed that Kid Rock will be inducted into the company's Hall of Fame next month. He's long had a good relationship with WWE, including doing a live performance at WrestleMania 25 in 2009.
“Every time I go to a WWE event I always have a good time; there is nothing like it and no better fans in the world," Kid Rock told Billboard. “The Hall of Fame ceremony will be a fun night and it will be great to see everyone again. I have so much respect for what those guys and girls do. I’m grateful to WWE for letting me be a part of WrestleMania weekend.”
After WWE didn't have a celebrity inductee last year, Kid Rock will be the first person to be added to the wing since 2016. He joins Snoop Dogg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. T, Donald Trump, Mike Tyson, Drew Carey, Bob Uecker, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, and Pete Rose as celebrity Hall of Famers.
Kid Rock had been expected to be one of this year's inductees since last December. The official announcement coincides with Raw taking place in his home state of Michigan tonight.
Goldberg, The Dudley Boyz, Ivory, Jeff Jarrett, Hillbilly Jim, and Kid Rock now make up the list of inductees for the 2018 Hall of Fame class, with Jarrius "JJ" Robertson also set to receive this year's Warrior Award. The Smoothie King Center in New Orleans will host the ceremony on April 6th.

Kid Rock is going into the WWE Hall of Fame, just because he did 3 live performances and American Bad Ass was the Undertaker's entrance theme :mad: