why does The Simpsons suck SO HARD now?


trannysaurus rex
lately i've been watching a lot of Simpsons episodes from seasons 2 to 7, and it is the most hilarious shit i've ever seen in my life! i can watch them 500 times and still laugh as hard as the first time. the old seasons had wit, ADULT humor, actual plots, sharp satire, great character development, etc. - and often it was even emotionally touching. (no homo)

i can't even watch the show now, it's just garbage! nothing but slapstick, and not even good slapstick. like, we all know homer is dumb but it seems like all the writers can do now is exploit his idiocy for hollow script filler or throw in some sort of gay joke. most of the time, i can't even determine the plot. is there one? i'm actually embarassed to say i'm a simpsons fan any more because of how dumb and juvenile it is now.

i really wish they would just kill it. the legacy has been tarnished enough. it should have ended 11 or 12 years ago.

i know i sound way too serious over a cartoon, but this really really bothers me dammit.

random great clip from season 4:

[video=dailymotion;xljfzh]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xljfzh_asdjnalskdjnalksdfnlaksdfnlaksjfnlkjasdf_fu n[/video]


i haven't watched the simpsons for several years but i sympathize with what you're saying. as long as the ratings are good and they still have loyal followers, they'll keep it running until the show turns to shit and the numbers drop considerably. sad but true.


trannysaurus rex
yeah, same. i pretty much gave up on it completely around season 12 or 13. what prompted me to post this thread was i decided to watch one of the episodes from the current season last night. i couldn't make it through the first 5 minutes.


Blue Bomber
I had nothing to do earlier and decided to stream the latest episode of the simpsons at the office.

What a fucking complete waste of time. I want my 22 minutes back. Kill this show already.