Who do you think won? Jones or Gustafsson?


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I had it 49-46 Jones.

2 rounds could be argued though.

Great fight, I didnt think it was gonna be even close, and we got a classic!


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Jones won. Alex rd 1. Jones rd 2. Alex rd 3.

Alex the first 4 minutes of rd 4 and then Jones fucked him up and almost finished him. Jones rd 4.

Alex won the first couple minutes of rd 5 and then gassed and got head kicked 3 times and went on complete gassed mode. Jones rd 5.

Hate you Jon Jones.


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I didn't score the fight on paper this is how remember felling about the fight:

Rd 1 Gus

Rd 2 Either way

Rd 3 Gus

Rd 4 Gus- I thought that for the 4 minutes he dominated.

Rd 5 Jones


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Gus won the majority of the 25 minutes they fought, that's for certain. It all comes down to how you score round 2. The judges obviously gave it to Jones. It could have gone either way. I would have liked to have seen a split decision. If Gus wasn't so gassed and just fought better in round 5 he would have won. This fight showed how Jones and Silva have dominated simply because of the height, reach, weight advantage they enjoy over their opponents the vast majority of the time. Put a quality fighter in with similar physical attributes and notice their dominance vanish.


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As much as I would have like to see Gus win, I just can't give him that fight. He really never had Jones in any real trouble other then the cut. Jones almost finished him a few times. I hate Jones but now we know he has allot of heart and a good chin. Great fight though, Gus did awesome!!!!


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Also, the streams sucked , I could not find a reliable stream all night. I missed the co main KO because of it, and much of the last 2 rnds of the main.I should file a formal complaint about this. LOL


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Rounds 1 and 2 were really close, could have gone either way.

Alex started pulling ahead in round 3.

He was doing the same in round 4, but Jones caught him at the end and took it.

Jones also won round 5. Alex was super gassed.

So Jones won 4/5. Alex 3. 1/2 were toss-ups.

I was actually really impressed with how Jones stuck in there and kept coming forward and fighting. He's mentally strong. Alex never pressed his advantages, should have thrown left hooks when separating from the clinch.