Vulcan Gi


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Does anybody here roll in a vulcan or has rolled in a vulcan before? i hear they are light weight, about 3 pounds, and great for summer training and that they are durable. the only negative is they seem to be somewhat easier to get collar choked with. it seemes to be the best gi for the money, but i probably havent seen or heard of all gi's, what do you guys think?
I have 2 Vulkan Gis - one blue and one white. Both are very light and comfortable. I heard that the pants tend to wear out but I have had mine for over 8 monthe and the pants are still holding up. The next Gi I would like to purchase is a Sirius Gi. I will start a new thread for this topic.
ive had a vulkan for about 8 months and it has done me just fine no rips. the only thing i do not like about it is that i had bought a black one and i washed it a couple times and it started to fade quick.