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So, spent some time playing the Titanfall beta on Xbox One live this past week and FUCK CALL OF DUTY. So glad to FINALLY have a game that recreates the hectic, fast paced combat that game does and does it without all the camping twats. The game play felt like the best of COD, Halo and Armored Core. Due to the mobility of the pilots and the fire power of the Titans, you just can't corner camp or set up shop in a house like in COD. Due to the fact that you don't have a shield like in Halo, it is not a bunch of nearly invincible idiots bouncing all around the map like in Halo either. The titans are NOT overpowered and it actually pays to play more conservative in a Titan and more aggressive when you are on foot. I was blown away by the gameplay if not the graphics - they are still 360 level.

In any event, here are a couple of game clips I made with commentary - interested in your feedback!


Derty, you like those moves?

This was all actually before I really got my groove with this game. I was fucking around with the pistol and the sniper but once you get the upgraded sites it is all about the assault rifle with the extended clip for run and gun. Aggressive play on foot is the absolute key. Campers are PUNISHED!

Dert McGert

I played it a couple of times. For some reason, I just couldn't get into it. I love the concept, but I feel like 8v8 would be better. I prefer larger battles. And the maps would definitely accommodate more people.
Don't ignore the npcs on the map. While not as difficult, or as satisfying as killing other pilots and Titans, you can rack up a lot of points for your team taking them out. It also adds another layer of strategy on the map. I thought it felt like the battles were A LOT larger than COD, if not on the Battlefield scale of course.

Dert McGert

Well, there is more than the npcs. There is also "bugs" that are flying around on levels that won't attack you unless provoked. So there is more than just the two factions going at it.