The Official "WTF are you playing Now" Thread


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[video=youtube;sAmKdZdfV1c] KdZdfV1c%26itct%3DCBcQpDAYACITCL6T1azv39UCFYVBMAod i60Hf1IUZGV0cm9pdCBiZWNvbWUgaHVtYW4%253D&has_verified=1&layout=mobile&client=mv-google[/video]


Banned or Dead
I'm hyped for it, and it seems this is the last Uncharted in a very long time.

I wanna get Madden 18 just for Ultimate Team, but FIFA is coming next month and Ultimate Team is so much better there.

Dert McGert

I was considering destiny 2 but im concerned i see it for the grinding it is before i get my moneysworth
Sounds like a lot of improvements have been made to help level your character quicker. No longer will you have to equip higher gear, the game already recognizes it.

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I enjoyed the grinding aspect, really gave the game replay value. I'm just so sucked Into UFC, don't think id play it all that much, too many books to reas..