The Official "WTF are you playing Now" Thread


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Seeing there's a music thread like this I decided to put one on here

Right Now I'm playing Dead Space 2

Its been out for over a year, and I've had it awhile. I just havent gotten to it.

Solid game

I am mostly playing Skyrim and MW3, but am also playing Need For Speed: The Run, Arkham City and Rage. Very little battlefield 3...I just can't get into it, though I am getting over COD as well...


Fallout 3 GOTYE. I like Betheseda's sprawling sandbox games...but I have a weird thing where I get a hankering for the post-apocalyptic/sci-fi angle, then I completely flip flop and want nothing but mountains and trees and battle axes, total Tolkein-esque fantasy. The two games I own right now are Skyrim and Fallout 3.


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Dragon Age: Origins

Trying this again, couldnt get into it the first time.



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