The 3D GTA games... rank em!


trannysaurus rex
I want to see you cunts' rankings for the 3D GTA games... I got:

1. GTA 4 (most immersive GTA ever, best characters, story, and combat despite the occasionally clunky control of Niko. Liberty City really pulled me in in this game. dark, gritty, depressing, and real. Brucie, Little Jacob, Roman, Packie, etc. were so fleshed out and complete that they felt like real people.)
2. GTA 3 (so many fond memories of this one, what a revolutionary game. nobody had seen anything like this in 2001.)
3. GTA San Andreas (fun, but the gangsta theme was a little meh... and CJ was a pussy.)
4. GTA Vice City (scarface... the video game. good story. Tommy V. was a bad ass.)
5. GTA 5 (biggest disappointment ever, main story was decent and first playthrough was pretty fun but no replay value whatsoever. boring characters besides Trevor who wasn't even all that great. sure he's a funny psycho, but no real depth to the character. driving is too dumbed down, and 3 or 4 bullets and you're dead... realistic? yeah, but it makes free roam rampaging not very fun which is what GTA is all about. the game basically discourages you from it. a major reason the game has no replay value.)

I haven't played the others.