teh games you play the most


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guilty gear slash, tekken DR, and soulcalibur 3....only games i play now are fighting games.....only reason i keep playin those is the tournaments...the competition keeps me into em....havent played anything like an rpg or action game or anything in a while...kinda got bored with it all....


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Recently beat Godfather, finished all the quests in Oblivion.. Uhmm, used to play tons of Ultima Online/Day of Defeat. I'm kind of looking for a game to play right now, downloaded a lot and tried them lately, haven't got into any though. I'm up for suggestions though, as long as I don't have to pay a subscription fee. =0

Oh, and I wreck on all my friends at NBA2K7 on a daily basis... I don't even have an xbox 360 either.