teh games you play the most


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i jus beat The Godfather, it was pretty sweet. i actually was playin fifa '06 cuz of the world cup. ive been slackin lately on games tho, anybody got any suggestions for new games?


i feel like such a junkie when i see people talk about games. ive been playing FFXI for almost 3 solid years now. Stupid MMOs.....
Counter Strike, I've been playing since 2001 and play it almost daily still.

Oblivion, I've put well over 100 hours in that game and I'll probably keep playing it until the next Elder Scrolls game comes out.

NHL 2k series, I've been playing religiously since the first game came out on dreamcast.


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tdnprbx said:
Oblivion on 360. If you like RPGs, this one is king! Also hooked on the new Fight Night for a good quick ass kicking fix!
yeah fight night is fun. i love throwing the elbow and the knee, ala mma style. lol its funny hearin the crowd boo u