So, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter.

Captain Tom Hanks

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First off, dont believe that Kevin Spacy somehow will enhance the story. It's the writers who come up with that, he is only there to be a face and say some lines. The story will still be shit.

Mech's can be cool, its gonna be interesting to see how much of that hits multiplayer, or if its just single player segments. Hopefully they have mechs and all kinda shit online, turn it on its head a bit, take a hint from Titanfall.

But honestly, i dident see much that makes me think its gonna be that much different.


Dert McGert

I like the idea of bringing in VICE to help freshen up the series, but it's still COD at the end of the day. It's going to be ran on a new engine, but you know what to expect.


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i have a feeling theyre putting people in mech suits to make it easier for the vr technology to render without lag.

based in a cockpit with windows is a lot less moving pixels