Rifle optics

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Really getting lost in this lately.

Originally bought a venom red dot sight, but I just didn't like the feel on my AR. I have a stigmatism so the dot was a bit blurry and I like a scope format. It was still functional, but meh.

Traded in for a Vortex Prism and I love it, but for my other AR I'm looking for an optic that's compatible with night vision, because zombies never sleep.

Seriously though, I just want the option. Ill probably never get one, but if i do i want my optic compatible. I don't want to have to drop another 400-800.

Eyeballing the Trijicon MRO HARD because it's half the price of an aimpoint T-2 or their M5. Far less settings (2-7 ratio) so I'll probably go all out and get the aimpoint.

Trijicon has the wider field of view which really had me sold til I looked into upgrades. The MRO has a mild blue tint and a slight magnification but when I looked through one I didn't find it disconcerning.

Anyone else run any close quarters optics?