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Really getting lost in this lately.

Originally bought a venom red dot sight, but I just didn't like the feel on my AR. I have a stigmatism so the dot was a bit blurry and I like a scope format. It was still functional, but meh.

Traded in for a Vortex Prism and I love it, but for my other AR I'm looking for an optic that's compatible with night vision, because zombies never sleep.

Seriously though, I just want the option. Ill probably never get one, but if i do i want my optic compatible. I don't want to have to drop another 400-800.

Eyeballing the Trijicon MRO HARD because it's half the price of an aimpoint T-2 or their M5. Far less settings (2-7 ratio) so I'll probably go all out and get the aimpoint.

Trijicon has the wider field of view which really had me sold til I looked into upgrades. The MRO has a mild blue tint and a slight magnification but when I looked through one I didn't find it disconcerning.

Anyone else run any close quarters optics?


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I can’t even be bothered with taking conceal/carry class or shopping for more than a weeks worth of food. I’m a busy man


YOu just need to adjust your perceptions and priorities.

THe fact that the supermarket shelves can empty from a bad snowstorm illustrates the fragility of the system upon which we rely to feed us.

NOw couple that with the upcoming stock market crash and recession america is about to enter and maybe its time to pack away a few nuts.

BUy stuff you will use anyway and rotate your stock. The gun stuff is mostly fantasy. Being hungry and a lack of food on the shelves has been experienced in countless countries.


Half Dead & Dynamite
I think you speak the truth..

I've decided to get my gun so when the shit hits the fan I can easily steal from neighbors and weakerthans.

Thanks for the advice!