Questions about gaming on PC


Half Dead & Dynamite
Okay, I'm not what you'd consider a 'gamer' but I do like to play an occasional game every once in a while. I'm way behind the times and as was planning on finally buying a used 360.. I've been buying the games for cheap and stashing them away for a few years.. just never had the console.

Here's my question.. I recently built what's basically a 'gaming' PC so.... should I just get a PC controller and download Xbox games instead? Is that how it works? Does it work? Does it suck?

I know that you can't use downloaded copies if you plan on using Xbox Live.. no intentions of doing that ever.

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WHy not download pc games? And online gaming is fun.... and piracy harms future game production. allegedly. Just say no.


Half Dead & Dynamite
I know nothing about 'PC games' other than the ones I tried many years ago were a bunch of arrow up/arrow down stuff that I lost interest in immediately.

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Well I would be most interested in a VR headset like the HTC Vive then I would download games for it from Steam.

I plan on getting the Vive but I just got the PS4 one so I'm fine for now but virtual reality is the most fun and interesting gaming experience to explore right now by far. Your kind of missing out if you can't try it.