The only way a system will fail is if it gets pushed out by another system. History has shown us that theres room at the top for 2 maybe 3. We have microsoft, sony and nintendo. Sega is gone and any nintendo system is gonna appeal to little kids. Theres no way the PS3 is gonna fail guys. Sony still have the biggest piece of the market share and the PS3's backward compatitbility is like having a system with 30000 titles at launch.
yeah, this is true. but you also have to take into account that at one time, there was only nintendo. nintendo tried to tell people what they wanted with the 64. when squaresoft decided they didnt want to work with the "limitations" of a system that made making games difficult, thats what put sony on the map. everyone else followed suit. nintendo still havent recovered, and that was 11 years ago. i think the Wii may well be what brings nintendo back to prominance. its seems to be a very promising system, and very innovative. if they can get some developement support, the Wii could be the sleeper system of this console cycle. speaking of title library at launch, how about anything on any nintendo system ever, plus turbo graphix 16 and most genesis titles? that excites me more than the potential for anything the Wii may do as a system.
check this out guys


Software development

The PlayStation 3, unlike the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 systems[citation needed], is based on open and publicly available application programming interfaces. The PlayStation 3 development kit was recently praised by IGN as having "distinct lack of noise and heat coming from the system". Despite earlier rumours of programming being difficult,[32] IGN reports that they were told that the dev kit "seemed extremely adaptive and easy to program for".[33]


thats a nice find too. im starting to think it might not be so bad when it drops about $300 in price. ill still have a Wii first, tho ill never say its name out loud. itll always be the revolution to me.


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Tonight there talking about it on attack of the show. They have had problems with the blu ray laser or somthing like that. i think the xbox360 is way better personally.
Funny, because I was under the impression that M$ actually regretted the decision to forgo blu-ray/better specs to get a base market before the PS3 dropped.

PS3 is way too fucking expensive, but you get what you pay for, and it is pretty retarded to just make claims how inferior it is to the 360. Console wars, or actually just fags arguing which is better, is pointless. Buy whatever you want to buy, and enjoy it. All 3 of the next-gens look solid, and I like Sony's approach. They have every consoles niche plus a little something extra, like controllers that can operate in 3dimensional motion like the wii... not to mention that like it or not, Sony is the world leader market wise in the gaming industry - maybe bluray will flop... maybe not, but it's simply not true that developers aren't limited by the storage of a DVDs and the possibilities of bluray for games is significant.

Wii is cheap, xbox360 is affordable and PS3 needs a bank loan... I think the real gay thing is the fact that all 3 of them really need a high quality tv which costs more than all 3 put together.