My Current MMA Training Regime+Training Log


hows the training going now ninja?
Its going great, got my first stripe on my whitebelt a few days ago.

It was a pretty big deal for me. My instructor is really good so it felt good to be noticed like that.

Right now I really need to get better at boxing with taller opponents in kickboxing class. I sparred with this massive black guy who would beat the shit out of me everytime I came in.
I just noticed you started BJJ in 2012 and as of 2016 you were still a white belt. I am a little worried. Is BJJ that hard?
I am very inconsistent, normally you get a blue belt in two years but I change gyms and take long breaks to recover from injuries. I have also had to quit for extended periods because I was working 6 days a week at certain job positions.

I am a blue belt though trust me, I just can't claim that or say that because I need to go back to my original gym to work on it which I plan to do. Plus I have wrestling so I beat most purple belts in the gym besides the good ones who are untouchable by anyone even with wrestling, they are just perfect, its hard to explain but think of the matrix.

but yeah don't worry man, BJJ is as hard as you make it.

butt scoot and flop on the mat all day if you want, you will still get there, nothing hard about it, just fun, you just have to be super careful and train smart, don't be an idiot and have too much fun where you are tossing bodies or getting tossed.

Don't worry about belts, just train no-gi where belts don't exist and all that matters is sweat and sweet moves.
btw i am not "good"

think Brock Lesnar, just stronger than most humans and able to do what i want even when it doesn't work

I've held 300 pound men against the wall who had college wrestling experience
get underneath, keep your back straight as fuck, suck up his shoulders and back while wobbling him off balance and slowly work into the wall.
maybe I am fucking ready

what am I waiting for?

people fight with zero training all the time, I have plenty compared to them. I don't know what I am waiting for, Santa Claus?