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Bloodshot {ADR}

Subjective Witness

the main guy I play against knows his magic, because this is the main deck he goes to whenever I bust out tron.

Fuck him, war "natures claim"


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Bloodshot {ADR}

Subjective Witness
Decided to go Standard instead, sporting Dromoka aggro.

I matched up well against everything except control. Only won one out of five and played against 3 control decks. I should have won two, but i forgot to declare trample :sad:

6 hours is too fucking long, this will probably be the last big tourney I take part in.

Bloodshot {ADR}

Subjective Witness
lulz cool down ninja. just friendly banter amongst friends. watch this..................

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If pochacuntass played MTG, blood would be in heaven

Here's a simple budget deck I came up with that's been doing well for me. It's modern legal and under $50.

It relies on the synergy of bloodchief & vampires, with kill spells/activated abilities to keep the board under control in turn feeding the bloodchief/vampire combo. This deck slows down your opponents tempo with land control/destruction, which makes it strongest against multicolor decks.


4 blade of the bloodchief


4 dark rituals
2 hero's downfall
4 dismember


2 contaminated ground
4 blight
4 pooling venom


1 erebos god of the dead
1 Mirri the cursed
1 dark imposter
4 gatekeeper of malikar
4 vampire nighthawk
2 kalastria high born
4 quag vampires


20 swamps


3 grasp of darkness
1 dark imposter

Bloodshot {ADR}

Subjective Witness
Yup, it's happening..

3 cards away from finishing this deck, and I guess its very easy to beat with patience. word is if you don't play any cards against it for awhile you can get strong card advantage and prevent the racks and shrieking afflictions from doing any damage.

I'll have to test that theory out, but it seems logical. If I give it a stronger creature base (phyrexian obliterators, mutavaults & pack rats) that might force my opponent to start casting spells Sooner. the ravens crime and dakmor salvage combo will help maintain card advantage as well.

All in all I'm a little bummed it's not going to be as competitive as I thought it would.