Machine gun Kelly destroys Eminem with diss "Rap Devil"

Just seems like he is copying Macklemore with those jackets and his style of rap. He doesn't stand out much to me, has a handful of lukewarm hits.

Eminem is a legend and top 3 on the other hand.

No contest, Eminem tears him up.


Actually, Eminem is the luciferiant pointifuge of an interdimensionental pan-galaxial conspiracy involving child trafficking by means of bagels. His ancestor, Marshal Mathers the first was a rosschild and a rossman at the same time, which is quite scary. He is known to summon subhuman entities and ghoulic missionaries to win battle raps.
lol you have no idea of the occult concepts you speak of yet ironically you hit somewhat close to the truth.

Eminem is a classic example of someone who uses a daemon