Let's be honest here, women should not be in the UFC


trannysaurus rex


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If she thinks she can beat Cain, she should watch this again.

mike dizzel

Just read this thread. LMFAO @ "Lets not fool ourself here, its a mean-mugging dreadlock freakshow which the UFC puts on so we can see some tits. Just like females in WWE." " It's a gimmick. As long as the chicks are decent looking and not complete dogs (or women learn to get out of armbars), the gimmick will continue. " Fun reading this thread now that WMMA has grown! It's kinda a catch 22 when I think about it; I wouldn't watch if they were all dogs like Aisling Daly, yet don't really believe Rhonda or whoever wins this season of TUF are the baddest bitches in the world...by a long shot! Thoughts?
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