Last movie you watched


Too sweeeet
I'm kind of tired of making a new thread everytime i watch a movie.

Post the name of the last movie you watched and a short review if possible.

Cabin in the woods - Refreshing and fun to watch for a horror movie. 8/10


Good-By What Standard???
Last 2 movies I watched was Cabin in the Woods and Hunger Games.

Cabin was a decent flick but really wouldn't consider it a horror movie.

Hunger Games was okay, kinda long and drawn out. But still worth a watch.

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"hype just ain't enough"
In Bruges, that movie never gets old, 9/10. I'm pretty excited for Seven Psychopaths as Martin McDonagh and Collin Farrell team up again. Also mutha fuckin Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken are in this, HELLLLLLL YEAAAAH!!!