Joe Rogan grappling some queer at 10th planet


Pig that doesn't eat Jews
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Good jiu-jitsu from Joe. He's not going to be in the mundials anytime soon, but not bad for the Fear Factor guy. I thought he was a guillotine-jockey at first, but that was a nice anaconda and back-take to RNC.


Certified Gangsta
if this guy didnt go out of his way to challeng rogan, this would mean nothing that guy was half his size and prob had little to no exp.

but hey if some guy called me out on myspace id beat the fuck outta him to idc who the fuck you are


Jesus didn't tap!!!
Rogans no gi JJ is no joke. Isn't he close to black belt status? Anyone who trains daily with bravo for a long time is gonna be good.


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This would be more impressive if Joe had bust out some fun stuff on the guy... A gogo here... An Omaplata there... At least he caught an Anaconda on him. The dude hes rolling against looks like he took a 15 hour womens self defense jiu jitsu class...