Jim Lampley: 'Mayweather threw rounds in McGregor fight'


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Lampley's bitterness is as clear as day. The entire professional boxing community was bitter as they all hate Floyd and want him to disappear, but were forced to root for him because he's a boxer going up against an MMA fighterr who talks a lot of shit.

Floyd, particular later in his career, was notorious (no pun intended) for giving up the first 2 rounds. He uses this time to evaluate his opponent and to avoid being unpleasantly surprised. Conor is known to be unorthodox and have a poor gas tank. So Floyd fought defensively while getting Conor to throw a lot of punches to wear down.

Could Floyd have taken Conor out sooner if he fought hard from he opening bell? Sure. However, he could have also gotten surprised and hurt. To say Floyd gave him rounds while implying he could have easily put it on Conor without risk is simply not true.

When Floyd did get aggressive early on he was getting tagged. He was also having problems with Conor's long reach and being a South Paw.