hacking PSP's

i just watched my homie do this the other day..
it was real easy, just drag and drop..
i was just observing, but i can probally find out all the details if you want..
i know you need version 1.5 and a large memory card to start off..
it all depends on the mother board you have also, the newer motherboards have gold writing on the top write hand side when you open up the UMD disk slot. If thats the case you will brick your psp.
There's always that chance that you could brick your psp, but it's like a 1% chance. Pretty simple to once you get it started, I've had like all the games up until summer.

Go to http://pspiso.com they have everything psp related and more. Feel free to ask me if you needed help with any of it.
It's worth it, just try and get it at one of those small stores like where they sell mod chips and stuff. Cause the could tell you what firmware your getting and make sure it's 2.71 or under so you could downgrade it to 1.5. It's pretty simple cause there's automatic installers for downgrader (somewhat) and devhook (which would emulate a higher firmware and load the isos in the xmb.)


btw register at pspiso to see the game download section