GTA V: what do you think?


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pretty awesome game, but in some ways i liked GTA 4 better. i personally had a lot more raw fun with the random rampaging in 4, and niko said funnier/better stuff as he was doing it. niko bellic is still my favorite protagonist too. still having a BLAST with this game though. i give it 8/10. technically it blows away GTA 4, but i think i might just have had slightly more fun overall with the older one when it came out.

it's nice not hearing any more HEY COUSIN, IT'S YOUR COUSIN! LET'S GO BOWLING! that's for sure.


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Some cool shit


One FC addiction champion


Good-By What Standard???
I still have not been able to get online on the PS3...

besides that the game is good...the graphics are amazing.


I had fun with it. I got it the first day at midnight and beat it within a few weeks. I think I'm at 89% completion now but I don't really feel like trying for 100%. I still play it sometimes and go on a rampage with the tank or use the invincible cheat to see how long I can go. GTA4 had better vehicle damage though, that's one of the only things I dislike about 5.