Entomologists baffled by mystery bugs marching in formation


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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) --
A Houston woman is trying to identify an odd group of insects she spotted marching to the beat of their own drum last month.

Mandy Danyale saw the six bugs marching in a row and eventually moving into different geometric formations all in time with one another. The insects move for a few seconds, all freeze in sync and then continue their jitterbug jive.

Danyale described the rotund bugs as "dancing blueberries."

Those leaving comments on the original video can't come to a consensus as to what the bugs may be. One user identified the creatures as southern green stink bugs, a stinky species found across the world.

Others claim the insects are black kudzu bugs, another stinky insect found in the southern United States that is known to munch on soybeans and other crops.



I also noticed that most conspiracy theorists have no formal education about the subject they're talking about and even if they do they're outcasts with zero credibility.


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It's bullshit that some lady posted a video? Yet the video itself is unexplained which is the only reason I posted it.


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i watched the video and they do change formation.

i saw video once but they secrete stuff.

this isn't it but



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Ants are badass for sure and yes, the insects change formation which is the majority of the mystery to the video.. and it seems to be every 2 seconds. Insects are fascinating.. best viewed via documentaries