Doom, pros and cons

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Let's start with the campaign. I might just be giving it more credit than it deserves based off of playing Destiny, and while I could say cenamatics were lacking, the story was rather lacking but straight forward enough to deliver a goal.. The biggest win for me was the reincarnation of most if not all of the old school Doom monsters. A lot of solid reimaginations sung with familarity.

Online Pros..

-no mini map

-no health regeneration

-transformation mode

-original mode ideas such as freeze tag and create a map


-limited weapons

-limited reliable weapons (find myself running the map with the same layout every time)

- freeze tag..


-for the most part same formats of death match, domination & dog tag

Say what you will about COD, but they cemented the genre. So many nerds I know hate on it, but they strike me as review readers lacking experience..

IMO a great game that built upon its predecessors. The only issue I find is being forced to run the same lay out to stay consistent and other stupid little things that will be fixed with map expansions.

While Doom came close to starting it all, they have a lot of catching up to do..
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Bloodshot {ADR}

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This cock sucker is pissing me off.


ahhhh, so you crouch, not jump.. that'll help..
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Bloodshot {ADR}

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The ledge grab concept I liked..

Another game though I'm glad I rented instead of buying. Worth a play if you grew with the originals


Worth it for the reminisce factor alone. you're already going into it with low expectations, so I don't have any doubt you'll be pleasantly surprised :)
Its a decent game, not a super addicting masterpiece but definitely true to the original Doom and many many times more fun than Doom3 which was more like Resident Evil.

The Multiplayer is underrated as well. It reminds me of a slowed down Quake Arena.
Now I really like his game a lot.

The more you play it, the more you realize what a masterpiece it is.

Its just a shame that there seems to be little interest in custom maps.

I could see how some great mods could be made for this game. A group survival mode with rpg elements would be fantastic.