Delivery drones are coming: Jeff Bezos promises half-hour shipping with Amazon Prime Air


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Jeff Bezos is nothing if not a showman. Amazon's CEO loves a good reveal, and took the opportunity afforded by a 60 Minutes segment to show off his company's latest creation: drones that can deliver packages up to 5 pounds to your house in less than half an hour. They're technically octocopters, as part of a program called "Amazon Prime Air."

A drone sits at the end of a conveyer belt, waiting to pick up a package — Bezos says 86 percent of Amazon's packages are under 5 pounds — and can carry them up to 10 miles from the fulfillment center. As soon as Amazon can work out the regulations and figure out how to prevent your packages from being dropped on your head from above, Bezos promised, there will be a fleet of shipping drones taking the sky.


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This is not going to work

-Not every city is within 30 min of an Amazon distribution center

-What happens when it is raining or snowing?

-People with guns will be shooting at those things for target practice

-Prices on the goods they deliver will be higher than ever


people will be shooting at them for free shit. - kids will hijack em with remote control helicopters... there will be a free pizza bonanza to be had


NO because theres a special amazon lock thing for him to open the door. So no breaking.

THeres also a camera so you can observe the entering

MAtter of time before the delivery guy walks in on some weird shit though.