Daniel Cormier VS Brock Lesnar UFC Prediction

Bloodshot {ADR}

Subjective Witness
Daniel impressed me against Miocic, gotta pull for the champ. Wouldn't be surprised if Brock pulls it out of his ass, curious if I can get a bet out of my www fan buddies, probably not. Brocks wrestling pedigree makes him strong though. Daniel's standup makes the difference imo.

Sub Zero

Eat. Sleep. Sell. Repeat.

Brock Lesnar needs to get his fucking teeth fixed. WHAT ARE THOSE?! Ive seen better teeth in Brits. Hopefully, Daniel Cormier knocks them out of his jaw.


One FC addiction champion
Brock won’t pass usada testing and if he does he either paid them off or will enter as a fat slob

Either way dc wins this within 2 rounds