Dana White


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You suck you baldheaded clown.UFC should piss off and let the fighters make the money.This goof has made himself the star like Don King.Even Don King was smart enough not to publicly denigrate his champs after he ripped them of,like ALI and Tyson.He must be high off sniffing the buns of Rousey and McGregor .He seems scared of McGregor but will pop off at GSP because GSP is mentally stable and wouldn't get involved in a shit show with White.That's why dickhead White does it.HE's a straight up bully.HEY Dana,even your own mom thinks you're a goof.Why don't you come pander to Canada again while disrespecting our most respected fighters,you phoney Kevin O'leary lookalike POS.........WAR BELLATOR

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Eat. Sleep. Sell. Repeat.

Dana White, Matt Serra and Din Thomas made an appearance at Jerry the King's Memphis Wrestling which was filmed for Lookin for a Fight.