Anyone here play Battlefield 2?

I was thinking about this and I think it has been brought up in previous posts, we should take a poll of who owns what game, FPS etc. and set up some type of competition play or just a free for all killing spree.


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does anyone know wher i can dl it for free, or any cool games for free?
Don't think you download BF2 for free. Online games are almost impossible to download for free since they have to be verified each time you play online.

Almost every single player game can be gotten through torrents. Though it's kinda complicated to explain on how to install them.


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^Just get the emulator and open the rom, but I don't think that site had any pc games if that's what you tried..

For quick downloads of pc games was pretty good, personally i stopped using it because torrents are usually A LOT safer. Isohunt in that case has tons

And almost all non legit games can be played online, you just have to patch them, unless it's steam games of course
Yeah BF2 is cool I got BF2142 aswell thats fucking great.

Gotta love the apache in BF2, and if you only have BF1942, download the desert combat mod for modern vehicles and aircraft, it's much better and loads of people play that mod online.

I uninstalled all BF's the other day to make room for Anime.


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BF games online - I used to play a cracked version of BF 1942 and Vietnam on all seeing eye servers if thats any help to anyone - no idea if its still the case though...