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    The Depression Thread.

    fuck off you piece of shit.
  2. The Invincible UTT

    I think Cena should go to UFC

    He would do really well just like Lesnar and then after he is done he can go back to WWE.
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  4. The Invincible UTT

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  5. The Invincible UTT

    u gay

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  6. The Invincible UTT

    o word

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  7. The Invincible UTT

    How did you discover MMA?

    most of these morons here should be saying "AFTER WATCHING TUF 1 ON SPIKE TV!!!!"
  8. The Invincible UTT

    Martial Art Most Effective in MMA?

    Hi Scout, welcome to this forum. The forms you mentioned are good, but you didn't mention Kung Fu and Chinese boxing. Those two forms are the predecessors of MMA today and used by most martial arts. I would love to talk to you more about this and the histories of each.
  9. The Invincible UTT

    IS the undertaker the brother of cain velasquez?

    i dont know what your saying but what im saying is that since Cain and Undertaker are brothers and now that Cain is the Smackdown Champion and UFC Champion, that proves that UFC and wresting is real.
  10. The Invincible UTT

    IS the undertaker the brother of cain velasquez?

    I heard that Cain defeated Lesnar recently. This is why I hate when people say that UFC is fake. Its real and seeing Cain open up Lesnar like the proved it. I also like how his brother the undertaker came to watch. I wonder if they will fight next.
  11. The Invincible UTT

    Mma fans are so stupid and thats why the boxing community thinks yall are morons...

    Anderson Silva fought injured. He's not "OMG THE MOST OVERRATED FIGHTER IN MMA HISTORY" and the strikeforce MW champ isnt "OMG WAY BETTER THAN ANDERSON SILVA OMG". Most of you morons didn't even like "UFC fighting" until TUF. For my real mma fans, love you guys :yes:
  12. The Invincible UTT

    Mother Deer terrorizes neighborhood pets

    stupid dog. deserves what it got. my dog woulda pwned that deer hard.
  13. The Invincible UTT

    James Toney Almost Broke Dean Lister’s Foot

    Toney pwns and is more legendary than any UFC guy will ever be.
  14. The Invincible UTT

    UFC 117: Anderson Silva chats about Chael Sonnen, moving up in weight and his Octagon career

    fucking Sonnen fight is bullshit. anderson will dominate. it will be boring
  15. The Invincible UTT

    Silva vs. Toney? How would it go?

    Toney takes this one unless Silva shoots or uses his kicks to stay away. No way could he go toe to toe with Toney. Silva doesnt have the power to give or take Toney head to head.
  16. The Invincible UTT

    James Toney And Ray Mercer On Fedor VIDEO.-.

    nope. Toney will destroy anyone is standup. MMA or kickboxing has never seen anyone with Toney's athleticism.
  17. The Invincible UTT

    James Toney And Ray Mercer On Fedor VIDEO.-.

    toney would fuck up Fedor Fedor would go straight to the ground to take on Mercer. no one in MMA can take Mercers standup