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  1. Theroninfan

    NAZI UFO Documentary - Video

    lol that was horrible.
  2. Theroninfan

    BULLY - Trailer

    That looks awesome!!
  3. Theroninfan

    Best Cell Phone Game?

    you gotta go with tetris.
  4. Theroninfan

    teh games you play the most

    I can play halo all day.
  5. Theroninfan

    best rpg of all time?

    Earth Bound was the greatest game ever.
  6. Theroninfan

    Chicago Bears

    The bears are looking like a complete Football. Unstoppable.
  7. Theroninfan

    Tito vs. Chuck predictions

    I really think Tito can pull it off. I dont know if he will, but i am pullin for him
  8. Theroninfan

    Billy Blanks = KTFO

    man thats funny.
  9. Theroninfan

    brazil done.

    war france!
  10. Theroninfan

    FU#% MIAMI

    i wanted dallas to win.
  11. Theroninfan

    Steven segal doin Akido

    thats a sick vid.
  12. Theroninfan

    chuck norris cartoon

    I fuckin hate chuck norris.
  13. Theroninfan

    Dont mess with the Ref

    that was sweet.
  14. Theroninfan

    proof of aliens

    thats funny as hell.