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  1. Chickenjorge

    miss you guys

    where the OGs at?
  2. Chickenjorge

    10th planet representing in mma this was yesterday. 3-23-13 boogyman from 10thplanet vista/hq, bad ass, cool ass dude. one of the nicest guys ever. in his 4th amateur mma fight.
  3. Chickenjorge

    im very dissapointed in you people...

    not one single war wand! thread?? i hope he knocks out Brian Stann back to middleweight.
  4. Chickenjorge

    bypassing/resetting password for windows xp?

    does anyone know how to do this? i recently was given a computer as a gift from my gf, she got it from her old job and never used it, the problem is she forgot her password for it. so i cant really access it until she remembers, or i pay someone to crack it. does anyone know how to do this? i...
  5. Chickenjorge

    Wanderlei Silva vs Brian Stann

    The Axe Murderer vs American Dad. march, in japan. main event. what you guys think? The UFC will be returning to Japan on March and the organization has announced that the fight card will be...
  6. Chickenjorge

    ufc on fox 4

    is gonna be great. shoguns comeback to greatness, and machida too. plus, i will be there! eddie bravo gave me some tickets. :)
  7. Chickenjorge

    met manny gamburyan

    i forgot to post this. i met manny gamburyan last week. hes a cool ass dude.
  8. Chickenjorge

    joe rogan black belt.

    so... i was working at the gym. and joe rogan trains there, obv. eddie bravo asks me "do we have any black belts?" i went to go look, but no luck. he said "thats ok, i got one in the car," i thought it was for a prank or something, cuz thats what he made it seem like. but then he says "alright...
  9. Chickenjorge

    wand looks great for ufc147 badass og
  10. Chickenjorge

    allan belcher/paul harris bkdwn w/ eddie bravo
  11. Chickenjorge

    eddie bravo

    Idk if this is the right place to post this but today I get to work with Eddie bravo :)
  12. Chickenjorge

    fights that should have been stopped...

    can anyone name the top fights, off the top of their heads that should have been stopped, but continued only because the fighter was able to convince the ref. or talk his way into it, despite injury? i can remember wanderlei silva vs crocop 2 being that way. any others???
  13. Chickenjorge


    so, how many of you guys have ever gotten anything from training? im talking about rashes, or ringworm, staph? anything infectious/viral.. i recently got molluscum contagiosum from some dirty fucker who was rolling at my gym even though he had that shit, he's since gone, but im stuck with...
  14. Chickenjorge

    tuf brasil

    anyone see the first episode? it started today. its really good. so if you havent, go watch it!
  15. Chickenjorge

    TUF 15

    so.... right now at my gym (10th planet burbank) we are MMA coachless.... the reason being that he is out right now because he got elected for the cast of tuf 15! so... everyone watch out for Jared Carlsten. He's a badass and is so far undefeated in mma. I dont say this just because he's our...
  16. Chickenjorge

    Conor heun @10th planet burbank

    so on tuesday we had an event night at my gym. we do this every few months, do a raffle thing, and some belt promotions. and we had conor heun come in and talk about his upcoming fight vs ryan couture and his training, etc. he talked about his outlook on fighting and the lifestyle. his...
  17. Chickenjorge

    my former coach Conor "hurricane" Heun is fighting Ryan Couture

    yupp... A lightweight fight pitting Ryan Couture against Conor Heun has been added to March 3's Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey event in Columbus, Ohio, MMA Fighting has learned. Both...
  18. Chickenjorge

    10th planet west la
  19. Chickenjorge

    Machida crane kicks Jon Jones
  20. Chickenjorge

    Scott "Einstein" Epstein vs Kit Cope @ grappler's quest

    Here's one of my jiu jitsu coaches, Scott Epstein doing work. 11-19-11